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TAWW members participated

A variety of presenters shared their expertise on writer/publishing topics.

Interesting, useful information and fun visit with DFW writer community.

Don Davidson's New Book

Download a free e-book copy of Don Davidson new book,

The Old Testament Made Simple (Part 1), from Amazon on Monday, August 17th (one day only).

Meetings Suspended

Effective immediately, all face-to-face meetings suspended until April further notice. While we will miss seeing your faces, the virtual critique platform is available to members on the TAWW website.

  • put your phone do not disturb

  • close social media sites

  • pick a limited research time, don't wander about the internet

  • write with pen and paper

  • turn TV off

Common Sense Punctuation

At 9:00 am Saturday, August 1st, 2020

Don Davidson presents

W.O.R.D Announced:

To protect the health of our North Texas community, WORDfest 2020 has been cancelled. Needless to say, this is a tremendous disappointment for all of us, and we are hard at work exploring our options for event alternatives.

Diving into Subtext: Learn how to not implode your manuscript.

On March 7, 2020 Stephanie Z. will define subtext, provide scene examples, and explore advantages and purposes of this essential writing element. Learn some tips to make your dialogue subtle and strong.

Leap Day - February 29, 8am..2pm

Myers-Briggs (characters).

Saturday, Feb. 1st

9:10..9:50 am

Election of TAWW 2020 Officers

On Sat. Jan. 18th, a quorum of TAWW members unanimously approved the election of the following officers for 2020.

  • President -Jean Watters

  • Vice President – Stephanie Zitrick

  • Secretary -Will West

  • Treasurer – Jim Barrow

TAWW 2019 Anthology

Launch Event

December 13th, 9am – 11am


    • Judging Survey Scores

      • Entry # 1 - 27

      • Entry # 4- 23

      • Entry # 3 - 22

      • Entry # 2- 14

    • Awards - Sat. Dec 7th

TAWW Member Participants

    • Jim Barrow

    • Dennis Coburn

    • Dan Hawkins

Self-Editing – Phase I: Proofreading

When: November 2nd, 9:10..9:50am

Where: Arts Council / Boys Ranch

Presented by Neal Ostman

Description: Delivering an exciting story or an informative essay doesn’t happen without effective self-editing. This starts with your development of your own proofreading method and tools. Self-Editing- Phase I covers the— Why, What, How, and Now What— of proofreading’s nuts & bolts. The objective of this class is to get you to enjoy your editing time – making editing a learning experience that improves your writing each time the muse calls! This workshop focuses on the skills of writing and not the creative act of writing.

The workshop will cover strategies for effective proofreading, different methods and techniques, tools and helpful websites. Examples of editing ‘tightening’ will be provided with comments on that type of error. Sharing of ideas and experiences will be encouraged.

Neal’s experiences in the business world taught him how to achieve concise and accurate communications using minimal words. His literary published credits are predominantly in poetry and essays, which also reward the effective use of words and lines.

theme: "Discovery or realization"

Key dates:

  • commitment deadline: 5pm 10/01/19

  • submit story 1st draft: 5pm 10/21/19


The acquisition phase includes distributing the brief, getting commitments from contributors, submit application with title blurb and bio, submit first draft with release.

Pre-publication Checklist

When: October 5th, 9:10..9:50am

Where: Arts Council / Boys Ranch

Description: Paul Kocher presented.

When: September 7th, 9:10..9:50am

Where: Arts Council / Boys Ranch

Description: Cate Murray will discuss the process of communicating non-verbally through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements.

Swiss-Army Writer: Screenwriting and Film Development for Authors & Writers

When: Sat, Aug 31, 12pm – 1pm

Where: Arts Council / Boys Ranch

Guest speaker: Daniel Wells, a writer of screenplays and historical fiction, script consultant, and creative director of DFW Writer’s Room: For Television and Film.

Daniel curates hand-written workshops for fiction and film. As the Development Executive for Dallas Filmmakers Alliance, Daniel led multiple 8-week workshops, and has taken writers through the development process for film, over a dozen of which went into production and have screened in DFW. Daniel has spoken on panels and presented workshops with The Writers Guild of Texas, Romance Writers of America, and Dallas Screenwriters Association among others, and wrote and co-produced “Lily is Here,” a feature-length drama with Carpe Diem Pictures, scheduled to premiere Summer, 2019.

Call Me Ishmael:

How to Introduce Characters That Are Hard to Forget

When: August 10th, 9:10..9:50am

Where: Arts Council / Boys Ranch

Description: One of the biggest bugaboos in manuscript submissions is when the author doesn't properly introduce the protagonist within the first chapter. Will West shows how with examples on how to introduce a character give it shape, depth and a personality on the page.

Enhance your TAWW experience.

Why don't we __________ ? * Here's a great deal I happened to find. * I didn't know about that. * What do you think about ________? * A good resource I found. * I love the way _______ does it. * Share ideas with others. * Stretch your mental muscles. * Leverage knowledge.

Using Intensifiers

Over time, intensifiers lose their power to strengthen. The intensifiers awfully and terrible are good examples. Even though these words derive from the powerful words awe and terror, they no longer radiate the same level of gravitas. Through common usage, they have lost their shock value.

To strengthen the intensifying effect, writers (especially in informal writing) often double up their intensifiers. For example:

  • I love you so so much.

  • She tried very very hard.

  • Tomorrow's meeting is so terribly important.

The use of intensifiers is considered by many to be lazy writing, and doubling up intensifiers is unlikely to be permissible in formal correspondence. In formal writing, the level of intensity you need to portray should be achieved through word choice (e.g., by using strong adjectives instead of intensifiers). For example:

  • It is very tasty.

  • It is delicious.

  • (With a strong adjective like delicious, there is no need for an intensifier. In fact, using an intensifier would sound unnatural.)

  • He took an extremely big risk.

  • He took a huge risk.

  • (With a strong adjective like huge, there is no need for an intensifier.)

One effective way to use intensifiers is to limit their use. For example, if you use the word very just once in your document, your readers will believe that very really really does mean very.

When: Sat, June 15, 12pm – 1pm

Where: Arts Council / Boys Ranch


BYOB or order take-out pizza. PlotLuck style free format discussions of story structure, plot problem solving and idea exploration. Not to mention hanging out with a bunch of awesome authors.

Copyrights and copy-wrongs.

June 1st 9:10..9:50am

Do you need to buy a federal copyright? We will answer that question and explode the myth that you cannot quote song lyrics in your book. And more.

Members and guest were invited to attend our annual Spring PlotLuck Party.

Graciously hosted by: Bob & Gina Waldron

When: Saturday May 11th 10am..1pm

A TAWW tradition, we got together to visit, share favorite dishes and discuss story ideas. We got updates on projects and helped each other with plotting problems.

MiniWorkshop 1905

9:00..9:50 a.m. Saturday, May 4th

Essential Elements Explained


Interactive Exercises

Limerick Challenge

Limerick Contest for Mother’s Day

By Alton Bostick

Each member is challenged to write a Limerick about Mother. We will read them May 11th, the Saturday before Mother’s day. Then we'll take a vote with each person voting for the one he or she thinks is best. (Can’t vote for yourself.) The winner will get a huge prize, worth maybe a dollar or two.

A limerick is a five-line poem where line 1, 2, & 5 rhyme and line 3 & 4 rhyme and are usually shorter than 1, 2, or 5. Often but not always lines 1, 2, & 5 have three beats while lines 3 & 4 have two beats.


I have a dog name Alice.

She thinks my home her Palace.

Jumps in my lap,

and takes her nap,

dreams of a kingdom big as Dallas.

After Hours Guest Speakers

DFW Self-Publishing Group


Jim & Zetta Brown

Saturday April 20th, 12:15 pm

program format:

20 to 30 minutes Introduction, Overview Presentation, followed by Q&A.

A group for serious writers who want to self-publish their work. The DFW Self-Publishing Group is for sharing knowledge, information, and best practices for those writers, new or experienced, who aim to produce professional quality work.

DFW-SPG organisers, Jim & Zetta Brown have over 15 years each in the modern digital publishing industry.

Write a poem….Me!?...Now!?

Well… it could be fun.

Maybe I can try just one…

And maybe send it to the contest if I get it done.

But... when would I find the time…because it's worktime, it's school time, its daytime, it's nighttime, it's bedtime, it's lunchtime, it's dinnertime, it's game time, it's show time, it's just not a good time.

But, it sounds like fun… sometime.

April Member's Only Monthly Contest

Rhymed or Unrhymed Poetry

50 Lines or Less

Check our website at for details

6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 4,

Central, Fort Worth Library

What members thought of WORDfest 2019:

I really enjoyed the presentation by Daniel Wells - He gave great information about the 30-second. pitch and 2 minute pitch.

Also, it was nice to here from a real-live professional agent (Becka Oliver). She gave great information about writing a Query Letter that I will use.

I didn't really think there were any hiccups or snags overall.

In the future I would like to see information on Beta Readers and/or manuscript evaluations. Next steps beyond read and critique but not quite ready for big giant editors.

I was surprised that with the number and variety of vendors and writing groups present that there wasn't any representation by artists or graphic designers for book covers. I know thats a bit forward thinking of me, but even self-published books need great art.

Overall, I thought it was a great experience and it gave me a little more motivation to keep going and get that WIP finished:)



Just released:

(No Gods, No Masters Book 1) Kindle Edition

by B. Michael Stevens

Hey everyone!

I miss all of you and hope your doing well. My new job keeps me on the road bunches and I haven't been able to make a crit meeting in a long time, but I wanted to share some food news with you all.

My debut novel released today (last night at midnight) and is currently ranked at 85 in military fantasy on amazon!

Thank you all for all the help you've given me along the way!

Hope to see you all again soon!

In service,

Ben Stevens

The first business meeting of 2019 was February 23rd

  • Events - Bob Waldron, Vice President

    • WordFest - Sign-up, Table set-up, TAWW Reading and Critique demo

  • Finance - Alton Bostick, Treasurer

    • Quarterly Financial Report

    • Dues Prorate Schedule

    • Associate Members

  • Membership - Jim Barrow, Secretary

    • Quarterly Membership Report

    • MeetUp

    • Meeting Minutes

Editorial Freelancers Association North Texas

A small panel from EFA North Texas addressed TAWW members Saturday February 16th to discuss aspects of editing.

... more

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.

For example the old maxim:

  • Place the most important part of the sentence at the end.

"I don't believe 'With a hammer, he killed Frank.' will ever replace 'He killed Frank with a hammer.'"

- Stephen King

Topics from Recent Readings

  • a 1956 Dodge with push-button transmission

  • mysterious female traveler kills and cooks a big saber tooth cat

  • teen-aged recovering alcoholic defends her virginity

  • African poachers shoot down an aerial tour plane

  • childhood friends' innocence is interrupted by puberty while skinny dipping

  • an inquisitive art student takes special interests in a revealing subject

  • an eighteenth century midwife is entangled in tragedy

  • survivors of an apocalyptic solar storm escape to the countryside


Twenty-five percent of our organization's name is Workshop.

Some of our members volunteer their time and energy to develop educational programs for the benefit of all members on various aspects of the writing craft. Thanks to those members willing to share their talent and knowledge, we plan to put on a Mini-Workshop every month in 2019. The presenters facilitate the workshops, present material and lead exercises to hone writing skills.

The workshops are usually offered early on the first Saturday of each month at no cost to attendees and do not interfere with the normal reading and critique activities. Based on feedback, the programs deliver value and the attendees appreciate the efforts of the volunteers.

... the challenge main characters need to solve

Feb. 2nd 9:10..9:50am

1903 - A Grab-bag of Grammar 'gotchas'

Mar. 2nd 9:10..9:50am

1904 - Developing Character Voice

Apr. 6th 9:10..9:50am

2019 MiniWorkshops

    • ideas?

    • suggestions?

    • requests?

Share with MiniWorkshop Committee

Several important issues were decided by vote during a business meeting on January 12th after the normal reading and critique session concluded.

Bylaws Amended

The amended bylaws identified as Trinity Arts Writers Workshop Constitution/By-Laws (12/29/2018) were approved by 2/3rds of the quorum.

Budget Proposal

The proposed 2019 budget was approved .

Officer Elections

The following officers were elected to serve in 2019:

  • President, Dennis Coburn

  • Vice President, Bob Waldron

  • Secretary, Jim Barrow

  • Treasurer, Alton Bostick

“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

― Anton Chekhov

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