Trinity Arts Writers Workshop

Workshop is part of our name. We are committed to share the talent and knowledge of our members.

Mini-Workshops will be conducted on a variety of topics related to the writing craft and the process of getting work published.

If you would like more information or you are interested in presenting a program contact the Mini-Workshop Committee Chairperson

Mini-Workshop Plan/Schedule - 2020

Twenty-five percent of our organization's name is Workshop.

Some of our members volunteer their time and energy to develop educational programs for the benefit of all members on various aspects of the writing craft. Thanks to those members willing to share their talent and knowledge, we plan to put on a Mini-Workshop every month in 2019. The presenters facilitate the workshops, present material and lead exercises to hone writing skills.

The workshops are usually offered early on the first Saturday of each month at no cost to attendees and do not interfere with the normal reading and critique activities. Based on feedback, the programs deliver value and the attendees appreciate the efforts of the volunteers.

contact Workshops Committee to add your workshop topic


How the Internet Can Help You Market

2001 - January 4th

The workshop was presented by Paul Kocher discussed why you need the internet to build your community of readers

Myers-Briggs (characters).

2002 - February 1st

... coming soon

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